Snow Day Near Telluride Colorado

Not much gets me out of bed at sunrise, but the perfect layer of snow on a picturesque fall day had me up faster than the sound of a dog dry heaving. I had big plans to get the perfect image of the beagles in the snow for my holiday card, and brought an assortment of festive attire. I had been hauling the beagle snow wardrobe around all year on every trip where snow might be a possibility; I have a thing about having super cute holiday cards! Finally a chance for a glorious card, and boy did I get the perfect image, yippee! 

Sunrise over the dusting of snow, this is what got my butt out of bed into the freezing outdoors hauling my camera and 2 festively dressed beagles. 


So miss Cricket, aww! She LOVES wearing hats and sweaters, probably because she knows I make a big fuss over her and she gets lots of treats. She seriously will chill around the house with a hat on and not bother it at all. Gotta love this girl! 

And here we have one howly Splash beast. Yup, this girl does what she wants, which usually includes lots of offering tricks like sitting up and begging, NOT staying ever, and howling at will. 

But with a LOT of patience we got the money shot! Who's gonna have the cutest holiday cards? This girl! 

Gotta show some aspens in the snow, this is along Last Dollar Road, a great outing for us and the pups as we could stop and walk around and take photos while letting the beagles sniff and explore.