Mo the Golden Retriever's Pet Photography Session in Sausalito

Mo and his mama Michaela were two of the lucky winners of my model search, and we checked out a new location at a park in Sausalito to see if it might me be a good spot for regular client sessions. When I checked out the location I noticed this amazing flower shop nearby and knew right away it would make the perfect spot for some portraits!

Mo is a handsome, 4 year old golden retriever with gorgeous reddish colored fur who was in training as a service dog for a person with diabetes. He was finished with his training and getting ready to be placed with a family when he developed a fear of escalators (can't blame him on that, getting on & off those can be unnerving!). He was put up for adoption, and Michaela was fortunate enough to be matched up with Mo.

Mo knows all sorts of tricks including opening the fridge and holding items in his mouth, lives to play fetch and loves to swim. He made my job a breeze with his solid obedience skills, most dogs I photograph do not have a lot of training. 

Michaela says "Mo and I have a very special bond. He knows what I am going to do before I do it and is one step ahead of me. When we go somewhere in the car, he has to hold my hand with his paw. It is true love! Mo is my first dog and I am so grateful to have such a loving and goofy companion".

This park proved a great spot for our session, and of course we had to make fetch happen!

Capturing a little bit of Mo's personality, my favorite moments are often candids! 

As the sun started to set we had some dreamy sunshine, making for some magical lighting. 

Mo with his beloved ball, such a happy boy! I think this will definitely be a regular location for folks who book dog photography sessions in Sausalito. On the waterfront, lots of grass, room to run and some very pretty sunsets lighting too! 

Jessica Bay