Hound Dog Photography Session at Point Reyes Seashore


Harley & Atticus are 2 hound dogs who live in Walnut creek with their owners Jaime and Kent. They recently moved to California from Indiana, and our trip to the beach was a big treat for these former midwest dwellers.


Harley is an 11 year old beagle/bloodhound mix, who will remember that you dropped a french fry between the seats of the car six weeks after it happened, according to her mama. Her mom also says that "Harley is a very special girl. She has an expressive and tenacious personality that just begs you to fall in love her. She is the boss. If she wants you to do something or she wants something from you she will tell you with her little grunts and growls. When she is finally satisfied, she then just wants to be with you (especially her mom). "


Sadly Harley had been diagnosed with cancer prior to our session, so I immediately made room in my calendar to schedule a session her. While she wasn't feeling her best the day of our session, the visit to the beach perked her up a lot, and even though she hadn't been eating well, she thought the tasty treats I brought were yummy! 


Harley's brother Atticus, an 8-year-old black and tan coonhound, lives life with enthusiasm, and isn't afraid to be vocal when his joy overflows. Jaime says "We pulled him from a shelter after he was there for about 6 months at around 3 years old. He had some significant early struggles but we have seen him turn into the sweetest, mild mannered boy that you could ever imagine. He has over come a lot and now he just loves to be around people, until its time to go sleep somewhere quiet."


I must say that despite Harley's illness, I had such a wonderful time working with Jaime, Kent, and their lovable dogs. I was able to connect instantly with the dogs, and Atticus was a complete ham for the camera. Harley was a trooper, she perked up and gave the session all her energy, and had a great time in the process. 


Since this session I've gotten the sad news that Harley has passed. We captured some wonderful images of her with her family that evening at the seaside, and my heart goes out to her family who loved her so very much. I am truly filled with sadness that this little hound has left us. This is why I do what I do. I'd do it a hundred times over, because my job is to capture moments we will hold dear to our hearts for years to come. Sleep softly dear Harley. 


I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images of Harley, the brown and white hound, and Atticus, the black and tan coonhound from our evening at the beach. 

Jessica Bay