Sometimes I get looks from strangers in public as I baby talk to my dogs as if they were human children. It can be a bit embarrassing, but what can I say, I love my babies. They just happen to have four legs, a keen sense of smell and tails.

I’ve loved dogs forever, but really became obsessed about 20 years ago, so I started working with them professionally. I worked at a boarding kennel, managed a dog daycare and raised service dogs. I have run a dog walking company for over 10 years where I hike groups of 6 dogs up and down the mountains of Southern Marin. 

I’ve spent more time with groups of dogs than people. This gives me a big advantage when it comes to capturing your pup’s personality; I can adjust my approach based on your dog's behavior to ensure I get gorgeous portraits. I use all positive reinforcement, no mean yelling or physical manipulation (that stuff is not cool). Instead I make friends with your pup, help her feel comfortable, and reward her for posing like a champ.

I have 2 beagles, both full of energy and mischief who sleep in my bed,  lick my dirty plates, and howl at bad guys knocking at my door. 

Jessica Bay, Owner & Photographer


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