Ocean, my first dog, my first heart dog. She was the best friend a girl could ask for. I raised her to be a service dog and when she flunked out of her training to be a hearing dog, I immediately adopted her. We were together for 16 wonderful years. I taught her all sorts of tricks, she could open the fridge, fetch the paper or remote (or anything really). She once ate an entire pineapple, excluding the sharp leaves. At 15 years old she started and excelled at nose work. We grew up together and saying goodbye was the hardest thing ever. She inspired me to pursue pet photography in order to preserve the memory of equally beloved dogs. 


Little Renna. She was a petite black lab I raised to be a service dog, but she was too sweet and sensitive for working life.  Despite socialization that started at birth, Renna found the world an overwhelming place at times, if she were human you might have considered her an introvert. 

She was released from her assistance dog training early (at 9 months old). And so I adopted this adorable mini sized labrador. She was one of those naturally good dogs, never getting into mischief, a real mama's girl. She loved dipping her toes in the ocean, (but did not swim) eating fresh green grass tendrils and playing fetch. 

For some reason it seems that cancer creeps up on the very best of dog-kind, and after a first bout with cancer when she was just 5, we had another 5 wonderful years of romping on the beach, camping and hiking together before the cancer came back.  When Renna was 10 we watched our final sunset together, and I said goodbye to the best behaved dog I have ever owned, and that little silver splash on her chin. She lives on in my heart and in the Silver Splash name - 10 years was not nearly long enough to be blessed with such a wonderful girl.