Splash, aka Tortuga's Little Dipper! Splash dipped her toes in the conformation world, getting both her majors and strutting her stuff in the show ring. With just 2 single points left to earn her championship, we switched gears. Splash preferred nose work to to conformation so we swapped from competing at dog shows to competing in canine scent work. She has earned her Nose Work 1 & Nose Work 2 titles, and competed twice in Nose Work 3, both times narrowly missing her title. She is quite the little sniffer. Splash adores lying in the sun for hours, leisurely walks with lots of sniffing, cuddling and being an all around good girl. Well except for when she uses her sniffing radar to locate chapstick which she eats, but nobody is perfect. 



Cricket, aka Topshelf's The Girl is Mine, is a spunky beagle girl who likes licking human feet, burying himalayan dog chews and itty bitty stuffed toys in places like the laundry bin, behind pillows, or under the duvet cover. She is a bundle of energy and loves going on runs, hiking for hours and blasting off at top speed in nose work searches. Cricket doesn't bark, but does howl if the need to vocalize arises; she also has an "ugly cry" for deer or wild turkeys that sounds a bit like a french bulldog with a sore throat. Cricket sleeps under the duvet but on top of the blankets, and once she is resting likes nothing more than to be left alone. Her motto is "play hard, sleep harder".